Gemma Toner

CEO and Founder, Chart One Media

Gemma Toner is a media and telecommunications leader known for driving innovation.

In 2017, Gemma created TONE Networks, a SAAS microlearning platform designed for early to mid-career women to stay and advance in the workplace. She is dedicated to advocating for women in the workplace, participating in professional organizations, as well as a Wonder Woman and Tami award recipient. She’s been a board member of publicly traded companies including Sandvine and Engagement Labs, chairperson for CTAM and board member of multiple women’s organizations.

Prior to founding TONE, Gemma held executive positions in media and technology, for AMC and Cablevision Media, running the fastest ISP in the country. Additionally she has been granted patents for data analytics. Gemma began her career as an Auditor at Ernst and Whinney before moving to Rainbow Advertising Sales Company as an Account Executive.

A graduate of Villanova University, Gemma proudly serves the global humanitarian organization, Concern Worldwide. Gemma lives on Long Island with her husband and two children.