Core Humanitarian Standard

As a member of the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) Alliance, Concern continuously strengthens and expands systems and processes to ensure accountability across its development and humanitarian programs.

All organizations and individuals involved in humanitarian response can use the CHS to improve the quality and effectiveness of their work. The CHS is an internationally-recognized standard of nine commitments:

1. Humanitarian response is appropriate and relevant.

Communities and people affected by crisis will receive humanitarian assistance that is appropriate and relevant to their specific needs and circumstances.

2. Humanitarian response is effective and timely.

Communities and people affected by crisis will have access to the humanitarian assistance they need at the right time.

3. Humanitarian response strengthens local capacities and avoids negative effects.

Communities and people affected by crisis are not negatively affected in the long-term. In the event of a future crisis, they will also be better prepared, more resilient, and less at-risk as a result of humanitarian action.

4. Humanitarian response is based on communication, participation, and feedback.

Communities and people affected by crisis will know their rights and entitlements, have access to information, and participate in the decision-making process for issues that affect them.

5. Complaints are welcomed and addressed.

Communities and people affected by crisis will be able to safely make complaints without fear of retaliation, and mechanisms will be in place to respond to these complaints.

6. Humanitarian response is coordinated and complementary.

Communities and people affected by crisis receive coordinated, complementary assistance.

7. Humanitarian actors continuously learn and improve.

Communities and people affected by crisis can expect delivery of improved assistance as organizations learn from experience and feedback.

8. Staff are supported to do their job effectively, and are treated fairly and equitably.

Communities and people affected by crisis receive the assistance they require from competent and well-managed staff and volunteers.

9. Resources are managed and used responsibly for their intended purpose.

Communities and people affected by crisis can expect that the organizations that are working with them are managing resources effectively, efficiently, and ethically.

Concern is proud to apply the CHS across all of our work; from emergency response through to recovery, development, and advocacy. In Summer 2018, we were spotlighted by CHS Alliance as Member of the Month, in recognition of our steadfast commitment to accountability.

You can read more about the Core Humanitarian Standards, and our own self-assessment in the run-up to CHS certification, conducted in 2017, below. Based on the findings or our self-assessment, each of our country programs then developed their own improvement plans. They report against these as part of their overall annual reporting process.

Download the Core Humanitarian Standard

Download Concern's CHS Self-Assessment