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Partnering with us means joining forces to helping the world's most vulnerable achieve major, lasting improvements in their lives.

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Why Partner With Concern?

We believe in the power of collaboration to create meaningful change in the world. By partnering with us, your brand has the opportunity to make a significant and sustainable impact on the lives of vulnerable communities around the globe. With our proven track record in providing immediate humanitarian aid in the wake of disasters and long-term development work to lift people out of poverty, partnering with Concern will enhance your brand's reputation, engage your employees and customers, and align your business with a worthy cause.

Whether it's a multimillion-dollar multiyear partnership with a global brand or a percentage of sales with a small business, we can transform lives together in many ways.

Benefits of Partnering with Concern:

Global Reach and Expertise: With operations in these countries, Concern has been fighting poverty and providing emergency relief for over five decades. Partnering with us gives your brand access to our extensive network and expertise, expanding your reach and making a tangible impact on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Demonstrable Impact: We prioritize transparency and accountability. Your contributions will be used effectively and efficiently. We measure our impact, ensuring meaningful outcomes for every dollar invested and are experts in helping you communicate that to your stakeholders. By aligning with our proven results, your brand showcases its commitment to making a genuine difference in the lives of those in need.

Brand Reputation and Visibility: Partnering with us enhances your brand's reputation and positions you as a socially responsible organization. By associating with our trusted reputation, you demonstrate dedication to corporate social responsibility and humanitarian values. We offer joint branding and co-marketing opportunities to reach new audiences and amplify your message, leveraging our collective influence for greater impact.

Customized Partnerships: We tailor partnerships to meet your unique goals and values. Whether a one-time collaboration or long-term alliance, we work closely with your team to develop a customized plan aligning with your brand's mission. From cause-related marketing to employee engagement initiatives, we offer diverse partnership opportunities to increase your brand's impact.

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