Camille Marinelli

Senior Communications Manager

Camille joins Concern as a passionate, dedicated communications professional. Previously working as the Communications and Research Officer for the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA) at Fordham University, she brought innovation and strategic thought to the public relations and marketing of the IIHA’s research and academic programs designed for humanitarian aid professionals around the world.

As a graduate of Fairfield University with a BA in International Studies and Humanitarian Action, she found her place amongst social justice causes through a service-learning course mentoring refugee youth in Bridgeport, Connecticut. What began as a course component turned into a call to action. Sponsored by Fairfield University’s Center for Social Impact, formally known as the Center for Faith and Public Life, Camille took over the program as the Student Mentoring Program Coordinator, liaising with community and on-campus partners to provide a successful and high-quality mentoring experience.

In blending her strengths of writing, coordination, and creative storytelling with her tenacious pursuit of elevating the voices of the most vulnerable populations, she earned an MS in Humanitarian Studies and is currently pursuing her Professional MBA from Fordham University.