At Concern Worldwide US, interviews are a significant component of our hiring assessment process. The purpose of an interview is to get to know you better as a person, give you an opportunity to share your background and experience and give you the chance to get to know us as well. 

Our interview process generally follows a similar structure but may vary by role. You may have an initial informal phone screen to assess your qualifications for the role. The formal interview process will typically include 2-4 colleagues, including the hiring manager, in either one-on-one or panel interviews. All candidates interviewing for a particular role will have a similar process (ex: all panel interviews or all one-on-one interviews). Most interviews last around 45 minutes but depending on the role or stage in the process, they may be slightly shorter or longer.  

The interview is an opportunity for us to better understand what you are passionate about and learn more about your achievements while assessing your skills, capabilities, and experience. We want to ensure you will thrive at Concern and in the role. It is also an opportunity for you to ensure that we are the best workplace environment for you.  

Note that depending on the role, you may be asked additional technical questions assessing the required skill set for the role. No matter the role, you can expect to be asked behavioral-based and situational questions that align with our Concern Competencies :

  • Managing Yourself 
  • Leadership 
  • Communicating and Working with Others 
  • Delivering Results 
  • Planning and Decision Making 
  • Creativity and Innovation 
  • Influence, Advocacy and Networking 
  • Change