Concern Worldwide 2022 Annual Report cover

Concern Worldwide reached 36 million people in 2022, Annual Report announces

Concern Worldwide is proud to share the release of the 2022 Annual Report, highlighting Concern’s reach of 36 million people across 25 countries through six areas of programming.  

Founded in Ireland in 1968, Concern is an international humanitarian organization working to end extreme poverty – whatever it takes – with a vision of a world in which no one lives in poverty, fear, or oppression. As the humanitarian needs around the world continued to increase throughout 2022, reaching so many of the world’s most vulnerable communities was “no small feat in a year where the world watched as conflict uprooted lives, climate change wreaked havoc, and hunger infiltrated nearly every crisis,” wrote CEO Colleen Kelly. “[But] what makes us so unique is that we respond in the immediate aftermath of the sudden onset crises, and we stay to develop sustainable, community-driven programs long after the headlines fade away.” 

From responding to the proliferation of conflict in Ukraine to meet the needs of 65,000 people through the Joint Emergency Response in Ukraine (JERU) to reaching 1.5 million drought-affected people across the Horn of Africa, which experienced the region’s worst drought in 40 years, the 2022 Annual Report highlights Concern’s steadfast commitment as a dual mandate organization responding to humanitarian crises while also creating sustainable, community-driven programs.

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Additional highlights include Concern’s reach of: 

16.4 million people through 76 emergency responses across 23 countries

Working through a network of local partners in Pakistan, Concern’s response to the 2022 floods targeted 3.2 million people across four flood-affected provinces with cash transfers, medical care, WASH services and the distribution of hygiene kits.  

8.3 million people through Health and Nutrition programs

Concern’s Enhanced Response to Nutrition Emergencies (ERNE) has successfully treated over 82,400 children under 5 for moderate or severe malnutrition. Spanning five countries – Niger, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Sudan – the program aims to tackle malnutrition in children under 5 through treatment and simultaneous strengthening of local health systems. 

5.4 million people through Livelihoods and Financial Empowerment programs

In Malawi, where 80% of the population relies on agriculture to make their living, Concern’s program addressing food insecurity reached over 288,000 people through a series of interventions including training on Climate Smart Agriculture, food processing techniques and other income generating activities. 

676,000 children through Education programs

Concern supported the education of over 20,300 children in Somalia by providing safe learning spaces for children, distributing recreational items to tackle stress and facilitate social integration, and providing teaching materials and monthly incentives for teachers to support them in delivering quality education.  

5.8 million people through Integrated programming

In Bangladesh, Concern’s programming targeted people living in extreme poverty in urban settings, and reached over 37,500 people through a series of interventions ranging from livelihoods support through job placements and vocational training, to health and nutrition training through mother support groups and community nutrition hubs, and WASH services to improve clean water. 

The Humanitarian Research and Training Unit has trained over 120,000 humanitarians

Concern’s HRTU team has been providing training and conducting research for more than a decade to improve the effectiveness of the humanitarian system as a whole. Humanitarians have been trained in 150 trainings across 60+ countries, and resources are available in 12 critical languages to ensure local actors have the information they need to implement an efficient response.