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AP News Feature: Concern Worldwide Responds to Cyclone Freddy Malawi

Concern Worldwide’s team in Malawi are assessing the damage and preparing to distribute emergency supplies to people left homeless in the wake of Cyclone Freddy.

The cyclone reached southern Malawi on Monday, dropping the equivalent of a month’s rain in 24 hours. Over 50,000 homes were damaged or affected and 84,000 people forced to flee their homes.

Bridges, roads, and power lines have been damaged, disrupting transportation and communication networks, leaving affected areas cut off and hampering the rescue operation. Small holder farmers have had their fields inundated and crops destroyed, with livestock and other household assets lost to the floods.

Concern Worldwide's Malawi Country Director, Lucy Mwangi, commented on the impact of the cyclone to AP New's Wanjohi Kabukuru:

“the emergency will not be over for many communities as rain from upland areas continues to flood downstream areas over the coming days,” said Lucy Mwangi, the country director for Malawi at the aid organization Concern Worldwide.