Concern Worldwide US featured on Cheddar News

Concern Worldwide Pakistan Acting Country Director Featured on Cheddar News

Sherzada Khan, Concern Worldwide’s acting Pakistan Country Director, joined Cheddar News’ Opening Bell to discuss the devastating climate shock of Pakistan’s historic flooding and its impact across Balochistan, Sindh, and Punjab, where Concern is responding.

As Concern Worldwide is responding to the devastating floods sweeping across Pakistan, Azia Celestino, Cheddar News Anchor, interviewed Sherzada Khan, Concern’s Pakistan acting Country Director, on the impact of these catastrophic floods and how Concern Worldwide is responding.

Watch Sherzada Khan on Cheddar News

Pakistan Flooding Crisis: Concern's Response

Concern’s Emergency Response Team and partners are already on the ground in Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan, and have begun scaling up the delivery of:

  • Multi-purpose cash assistance to enable extremely vulnerable families to buy essential items, such as food, medicine, and makeshift tents.
  • Emergency hygiene and dignity kits, which contain items like soap and menstrual pads, to help protect the health of the population at risk.