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Sudan Evacuations: Concern Worldwide US Featured on NPR

As hostilities in Sudan continue, A.K.M. Musha, Concern Worldwide’s Sudan Country Director, shared his experience fleeing Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, with NPR’s Andrew Connelly in the article, “Two doctors struck by tragedy in Sudan: One dead, one fleeing for his life:”

“We were 80 vehicles of eight or nine hundred people," he told NPR. "It took 34 hours over 900 kilometers [about 600 miles]. The convoy had to stop many times due to security checks, checkpoints, refueling, flat tires and other logistics. When one car stopped, everyone had to stop. It was painful and difficult, particularly for children."

A.K.M. Musha shared an update on the suspension of Concern’s work amidst hostilities where international staff are leaving the country but providing remote support, hoping to return when hostilities cease.

"Sixteen million people in Sudan were dependent on humanitarian support before the war," he says. "Now that need has increased. What about the people we are leaving behind?"

Concern has worked in Sudan for the last 37 years, providing a range of programming, including health, nutrition, water and sanitation, livelihoods, and food security programming.

While the hostilities have forced Concern to evacuate staff and suspend our work for the time being, we are planning to mobilize our teams in Sudan and neighboring Chad to assist thousands of people crossing the border to escape the fighting.