Poland, Ukraine, Russia conflict refugees
Helena from Lviv is seen at the Medyka pedestrian border crossing, in eastern Poland on February 26, 2022. (Photo: Getty Images)

Ukraine Appeal Launched As Emergency Response Team Deployed to Assist Refugees

Concern Worldwide today launched a public appeal for funding as it deployed an emergency response team to support the people of Ukraine.

“Right now, our team are on the ground in the region assessing the huge humanitarian needs. More than 660,000 people have fled Ukraine in the last week, and thousands more are on the move,” Concern CEO Dominic MacSorley said.

“Families, including many with small children, are fleeing with whatever clothes and food they can carry, in bitterly cold conditions, often facing huge queues to reach safety,” he said.

Concern’s Emergency Response Team is currently assessing the humanitarian needs along the Ukraine borders with Poland. It plans to assess the situation along the borders of Romania and Moldova in the coming days.

They will work with national authorities, the United Nations, local non-government organizations, and Concern’s partners in the Alliance 2015 group of NGOs to respond.

“The majority of refugees are currently crossing into Poland, putting huge pressure on existing reception centers,” according to Concern’s Head of Emergency Operations, Ros O’Sullivan, who is leading the assessment team in Poland.

Concern has extensive experience of dealing with refugee crises around the world, including humanitarian responses in Europe, most recently responding to the crisis in Kosovo and Albania in 1999.

“Humanitarian needs are escalating as hundreds of thousands seek safety across borders. With the support of the public, we are there to help those in need,” Mr. MacSorley said. “We urge you to support our appeal for funding in any way you can.”

Concern’s Emergency Fund is 100% designated to fund emergencies, including the Ukraine crisis, and can be deployed rapidly when days or even hours make all the difference.

Concern has already earmarked €200,000 for Ukraine, but that is a fraction of what will be needed to address the needs of the millions seeking refuge.