Concern Worldwide featured on The Washington Post

Conflict and Climate in Chad: Concern Worldwide Featured on Washington Post

In an article in the Washington Post, Rachel Chason highlights the effects of climate change and violent conflict as they continue to fuel the ongoing hunger crisis and catalyze further displacement across Chad. Concern Worldwide is highlighted for providing relief to those across the Lake Chad region faced with food insecurity.

Amid already existing food insecurity and displacement, the effects of climate change and conflict will stress an already precarious humanitarian situation in Chad. Concern Worldwide continues to provide relief to those facing food insecurity across the Lake Chad region – while addressing the humanitarian needs of both host communities and displaced populations by implementing health and nutrition programs to deliver lifesaving assistance and cash assistance to the most vulnerable communities.  

“Ali Abdallah, 40, said he and his brother had long tried to farm the dry land outside the village of Baga Sola. But after years of struggling to feed their families, relying mostly on money from the Irish nonprofit organization Concern Worldwide, the brothers decided in 2020 to start farming on the islands, despite the danger...”