Country Stats

  • Population: 17,561,865
  • Individuals in need of humanitarian assistance: 4.3 million
  • Rank in UN's Human Development Index: 187 of 189

Concern's Impact

  • Care provided by health centers: provided to 19,800 children and mothers
  • Farmers supported in the Sila province: 629 farmers
  • Families supported with livestock management: 669 families

Political security and displacement in Chad, combined with the effects of climate change, require a multifaceted approach. Our community-led emergency response includes access to healthcare through mobile clinics.

In the United Nations’ 2019 Human Development Index, Chad ranked 187 out of 189 countries. The country continues to struggle with significant development needs due to both natural and man-made emergencies, including climate change and conflict. Combined, these crises increase hunger, reduce access to healthcare, and leave many without a permanent home or means of making a living.

We have our knowledge on how to do some things, but through Concern training we know the best ways to keep the community clean. We will continue to do the things Concern has taught us, as without Concern, the community was not well-functioning.

Khamissa Ibrahim, Community Care Group Volunteer

Estimates suggest that food insecurity, displacement, and the effects of climate change will stress an already precarious situation in Chad.

Concern is responding to the humanitarian needs of both host communities and displaced populations in the Lake Chad area, implementing health and nutrition programs to deliver lifesaving assistance and access to basic services including health, water, hygiene and sanitation.

Our work in the Sila region of eastern Chad focuses on building community resilience to counter potential disasters. These include the effects of climate change.

Latest Achievements


In the Sila province, Concern supported 629 farmers in Chad, who received an open-field vegetable gardening kit. We also supported 669 families with livestock management. These community trainings have helped the community to become overall more climate-resilient in the face of a deepening climate crisis.

Health & Nutrition

In 91 villages, we worked on the prevention and management of malnutrition, reducing the rate of severe acute malnutrition. Our health center provided care to over 19,800 children and mothers.

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH)

Over 50 boreholes were drilled or rehabilitated in 56 villages, which helped improve access to drinking water in these communities. We also held training sessions to improve water management and hygiene practices in 26 villages.

A Concern medical staff member checks the health of a childAche and little Maimouna in Chad.
Concern Chad staff member standing with boyLand Cruiser on a raft in Chad
Man carrying large metal device through fieldMother of 6 and Chad native Khamissa Ibrahim

Our Work in Chad

Our community-led response in Chad increases access to healthcare, adapting to climate change, and supporting displaced Chadians as well as international refugees.

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