Country Stats

  • Population: 11,737,345
  • Individuals in need of humanitarian assistance: 2.6 million people

Concern's Impact

  • Year Concern started working in Haiti: since 1994
  • Residents helped during flooding: 3,000 residents in 2018

In Haiti for more than 25 years, Concern works with communities on a wide range of ongoing and long-term development programs while also remaining committed to long-term earthquake recovery and rehabilitation efforts.

We started working in Haiti in 1994 in response to Hurricane Gordon and have been involved in emergency response and development programming ever since. We helped to rebuild homes in Haiti after the major earthquake in 2010 and still work with communities living in slum conditions in Port-au-Prince.

*We are currently responding to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti following a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Find out more about our response here.

Childhood should be a time to develop and grow and learn. That's not how it has been for so many children here, and we see an opportunity to change that. This is the next generation of Haiti, and they must be given a chance to succeed.

Eléonore Dupré, Child Protection Program Manager, Concern Haiti

Levels of poverty, food insecurity and political instability in Haiti are high. Regular natural disasters such as cyclones, hurricanes, and flooding have the greatest impact on the most economically and socially vulnerable members of its population. Further economic decline in 2019 has created an even greater crisis in Haiti, threatening to increase both poverty rates and hunger rates.

Our work includes support in the areas of health, livelihoods, skills-building, conflict resolution, and child protection. We work with the most vulnerable members of the community in Port-au-Prince to improve economic status and living conditions.

Latest Achievements

Nonviolent Communication

We carried out training sessions with 240 youth leaders to encourage young people to use peaceful dialogue to debate, working out their disagreements through words and not violence.

Emergency Response

In 2018, heavy rain caused flooding in areas already struggling. We responded in the most affected neighborhoods, protecting the homes of 3,000 residents in the neighborhood from the effects of regular flooding.


We are providing 400 of the most vulnerable members of the community with life and business skills training so that they can increase their income and support their families.

Children participating in the Concern-managed Child Friendly Spaces program at Place de la Paix camp. Shop owner in Cité Soleil, Port au Prince, Haiti
Berne Fransely of Cité Soleil, Port au Prince, at a training and mentoring session for people taking part in Concern's Urban Integrated Program. Haitian children learning through games
Merana Previl sign her name.Lunes Duvil, a small business owner who has benefited from Concern's “Building Hope & Opportunities in Haiti” integrated urban program in Cité Soleil, Port au Prince. She says she has expanded and developed her range of products and the size of her shop, as a result of the program.

Some of Our Programs in Haiti

Our response in Haiti has changed over the years, but our focus remains the same: improving living standards and economic stability for the island nations's most vulnerable communities.

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