Kathleen Felesina

Director of Development, West Coast Region

Kathleen Felesina is a nonprofit professional of nearly 20 years, as well as a published author who has written/edited six nonfiction books. Born in Los Angeles, she has lived abroad twice, including several years in Hong Kong. There, she was part of the team that launched CNBC Asia in the mid-1990s, just as the digital revolution was dawning and globalization was escalating.

This experience imbued an awareness both of the world’s interconnectedness as well as its profound inequities and led Kathleen to pivot to the nonprofit arena when she returned to the United States, providing crucial resources and amplifying marginalized voices. She has worked with organizations dedicated to providing educational access, workforce development, and healthcare services for at-risk and underserved populations throughout California.

Kathleen was drawn to Concern’s mission because it not only provides critical humanitarian and development assistance on a global scale, but does so in partnership with local communities in order to eliminate the need for ongoing external support. Joining the team in 2019 to start an office on the West Coast, she’s proud to help raise funds and awareness for Concern throughout the region.