Country Stats

  • Capital: Sana'a
  • Population: 34.16 million
  • People requiring humanitarian aid: 18.2 million

Concern’s Response

  • Yemen program launched: 2024
  • Program areas: Health & Nutrition, WASH
  • People supported via healthcare facilities in just three months: 10,446

Why are we in Yemen?

Nearly a decade of war and conflict has escalated civilian suffering, forcing people into unsustainable living conditions largely dependent on humanitarian intervention. Concern launched an official program in Yemen in 2024, designed to meet the most urgent needs of the most vulnerable people.

A decade of conflict has left over 18 million people in need of assistance

For nearly ten years, the Yemeni Civil War has escalated unemployment, hunger, and insecurity for civilians, leaving nearly 80% of the country’s population below the poverty line and more than 55% in need of some form of humanitarian assistance — some 18.2 million people. The destabilizing effects of this have triggered a hunger crisis affecting 17 million people, with 5 million children under the age of five in need of treatment for acute malnutrition.

The protracted crisis has also created an endemic situation of forced displacement, with 4.5 million internally-displaced persons (IDPs), most of whom have been forced to flee multiple times. Living conditions have quickly worsened for many: 49% of the population lacks access to clean water, and only 50% have access to functioning health facilities.

Latest achievements

1. Healthcare

Concern has facilitated access to healthcare for 10,446 people — including 5,421 women (28 of whom attended antenatal care sessions). Additionally, 294 children under the age of five were treated for diarrhoea and 146 were treated for acute malnutrition.

2. Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH)

To improve sanitation conditions in IDP camps, Concern is in the process of building 34 emergency latrines and rehabilitating a water well.

3. Hygiene Kits

In response to the rapid spread of cholera and diarrhoea, Concern is distributing hygiene kits to 650 families across three IDP camps in Aden Governorate — part of our larger health and sanitation efforts.

An IDP site in Yemen. (Photo: Ammar Khalaf / Concern Worldwide)People registering with Concern staff for cholera kits. (Photo: Ammar Khalaf/Concern Worldwide)A mother and her children arrive on their donkey cart to collect a cholera kit from Concern. (Photo: Ammar Khalaf/Concern Worldwide)
Concern is distributing cholera kits in in Al-Hofra IDPs site, Aden Governorate. Overall 4.5 million people in Yemen remain displaced due to protracted conflict. (Photo: Concern Worldwide)Vaccination according to National EPI schedule in Al Meshqafa IDP camp, Lahij Governorate. (Photo: Concern Worldwide)A mother and her children receive a cholera kit from Concern. (Photo: Ammar Khalaf / Concern Worldwide)

Our work in Yemen

We're working to meet humanitarian needs in Yemen with programmes focusing on health and nutrition and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).

The latest from Yemen