Country Stats

  • Total population: 43,032,467
  • People displaced since February 24, 2022: 17.4 million people
  • People who fled to other countries: 7.89 million people

Concern's Impact

  • People reached with psychological support sessions: 1,958 people
  • People reached through the JERU program: 46,732 people
  • People reached with multi-purpose cash transfers: 22,550 people

Why are we in Ukraine? More than 15 million people have been displaced in Ukraine since the escalation of the conflict in February 2022, including 7.89m who fled to other countries. Concern is supporting the humanitarian needs of internally displaced people in a variety of settings.

How the conflict has created a humanitarian crisis

Over 17.4m people have been displaced since the escalation of the conflict on February 24 2022, sparking a humanitarian crisis. Concern has joined with German non-government organisation Welthungerhilfe and Italian humanitarian organisation Cesvi to operate the Joint Emergency Response in Ukraine (JERU). Support is being provided in the form of both material assistance – food kits, NFIs, hygiene kits and equipment for accommodation centres as requested and required by local authorities and national partner agencies. Cash assistance is being delivered through the banking system that still operates and where market systems are functioning and strong. Psycho-social support (PSS) and protection activities/referral pathways are a central part of the programme. A key priority for 2023 will be the winter period when temperatures will have plummeted and vulnerable displaced people in temporary accommodation, in particular will require heating as well as other ongoing supports in the first half of the year.

Mother and her young son with their food kit.JERU staff member.Tens of thousands of people are evacuating through the train station at Lviv in Ukraine.A mother and her children wait inside the entrance of a library as the await verification that they can receive a cash transfer. People wait to be verified so that they can receive a cash transfer from the JERU programme in Ukraine.

Latest Achievements

Emergency Support

46,732 people were reached through the JERU programme with basic needs support within the eight months that activities were implemented in 2022. We have been providing in-kind food, shelter, and hygiene to newly displaced individuals living in private homes and in collective centres. We also reached nearly 15,000 people with multi-purpose cash transfers over a three-month period.

Psychosocial Support

1,958 people were reached with psychosocial support sessions in 2022 after protection activities officially started in October that year. 17 psychologists and social workers have received training about conflict-related trauma.

Hygiene Kits

JERU distributed 3,000 hygiene kits, which include soap, washing powder, toilet brushes, rubber gloves, paper towels and hand sanitizer. We also provided 1,510 baby kits and 484 adult special needs hygiene kits, through Humanitarian Hubs in 2022.

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