Country Stats

  • Population: 86,532,326
  • Syrian refugees living in Türkiye: 3.6 million people

Concern's Impact

  • Children impacted through Concern's emergency education program: 1,703 children
  • Syrians reached through livlihood programs in Türkiye: 2,600 people
  • Syrian refugees reached through Concern's protection program: 22,000 people

There are more than 3.6 million Syrian refugees living in Türkiye. Concern is committed to responding to the most critical and changing needs of those not living in government-run camps, as well as their host communities.

Protracted conflict can lead to higher levels of economic instability and threaten to create a “lost” generation of children who did not experience a traditional education and struggle with PTSD. Our programs in Türkiye are helping to ensure that both refugees and their host communities can maintain basic human rights and dignity during a challenging time.

I know legally in Türkiye that a child under 15 can work eight hours a week but I can't accept this for my kids. A child should spend his life as a child...he has a long time to be working later.

Bassam, Caregiver Engagement Program Participant

Since 2013, when the situation in Syria deteriorated significantly  and forced an influx of civilians to flee the country, over 3.6 million Syrians have taken refuge in Türkiye. A small percentage of Syrians are living in government-run camps, with the remainder living in urban and rural areas across the country.

The protracted nature of the Syrian crisis has given rise to a need to find longer-term solutions for Syrians in Türkiye, along with their host populations. In doing so, we are increasingly working with local and national level government authorities to provide assistance to Syrian refugees and the host population through education, livelihoods and protection activities.

Latest Achievements

Education in Emergencies

Our emergency education program enabled 1,703 vulnerable children to access school by providing cash assistance to families. 456 teachers and school counselors were trained to spot and communicate effectively with children suffering from trauma.


Last year, over 2,600 Syrians were reached through livelihoods program in Türkiye, which included skills training for work opportunities.

Psychosocial Support

Last year, we reached over 22,000 vulnerable Syrian refugees in three areas of Türkiye through our protection program, which helps them better manage the burdens of life as a refugee. The program includes psychosocial support, information sessions for refugees about their rights and obligations, and referrals to additional services.

Our Work in Türkiye

Concern is delivering long-term education, livelihood, and protection solutions to support Syrian refugees in Türkiye along with the communities who are hosting them.